How To Deep Condition My 4c Hair

10 things i wish i would’ve known about my 4c hair… if you’re like me and have 4c hair these 10 tips will change your life! If you’re washing your hair anyway (or at least getting it wet for some reason) it’s better to go ahead and condition.

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Place the smaller container within a large bowl of water and cover the bowl with a towel.

How to deep condition my 4c hair. 10 protein deep conditioning treatments for 4c natural hair. How to use a deep conditioner in your natural hair regimen for 4b & 4c hair / black african hair / afro hair / curly hair. July 18, 2021) as a 4c hair queen, you may start to notice excessive breakage in your natural hair.

Deep conditioning helps to reaffirm this priceless gem: Conditioners, natural hair products tips; This hair type is known to get very dry easily.

Depending on your hair’s moisture needs, once per week or every two weeks should do the trick. Finally, rinse with cold water to retain moisture and close the cuticles. 12 powerful ways on how to deep condition 4c hair.

Fill the large bowl with hot water from the tap, or you can also use boiled water. It also has a lovely coconut smell! Think of deep conditioners as the best fren every 4c honey needs.

Before i ventured into making my own deep conditioner, i used aubrey’s island naturals. You only need a deep conditioner in addition to your normal washing products, and a hair cap. For more information on creating a hair growth regimen, read my article 4c natural hair regimen.

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How to apply deep conditioner to natural hair. How to deep condition at home. Looking back i wish i knew this information because it would have made my transition to natural hair a whole lot easier.

As a naturalista with 4b/4c combination hair, nailing down the proper hair care routine is a must. Deep conditioning is a basic piece of a solid hair routine whether you’re regular or not, and regardless of your twist type. This will keep your hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny, and will prevent snagging and tangles.

It’s suggested to deep condition hair regularly at least once or twice a week. There isn’t a hard and fast rule to how often should you wash 4c hair, of course. Instead of spending loads of money on store bought products, i started opting to make my own deep conditioning treatme.

Then wash your hair as usual. You should aim to apply a deep conditioner on your hair at least every 2 weeks. Whichever one you decide to use, follow these steps.

She comes in every now and then and reminds you of who you are by adding joy and moisture to your life. If you don't have a hair cap, a clean plastic bag will work fine. Deep conditioning type 4c curls the right way.

Deep conditioning is key to regaining all the moisture your hair naturally loses. Deep conditioning your hair at home is so easy, and it will completely change how your hair looks and feels. Deep condition 4c hair to retain moisture.

I liked the smell and the way it made my hair feel. While we recommend most customers deep condition every 2 weeks, 4c hair, in particular, thrives with weekly deep conditioning treatments. Deep conditioning 4c hair is a very important step in the 4c natural hair care regimen because this treatment deeply moisturizes and slows down the hair deterioration process.

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On wash days, i take the time to deep condition my hair after my oil treatment and shampooing. By adeola (last updated on: But, such a significant number of individuals don’t have the foggiest idea how to appropriately profound condition their hair, or disregard the training through and.

Actually, my trials and errors weren’t so bad, it’s just that when you have kinky 4c hair like i do, you have to make sure the conditioner’s consistency is correct. But this weekly schedule is more based on logic. “my curly hair is typically very dry, and i feel like i’ve tried all of the expensive products.i bought this product and noticed a difference as soon as i washed out this deep conditioning mask.

Your 4c hair is gorgeous, and it’s worthy of the sweetest care. Deep conditioning is the process of treating hair by applying a conditioner that has deep penetrating ingredients such as proteins, hydrolyzed proteins, and amino acids. Deep condition your hair is good for your hair natural or not.

Well maybe not your life, but it certainly will make your 4c hair so much easier to work with. Deep condition 4c hair/ curly hair. 4c hair thrives on moisture.

In order to achieve consistent hair growth, it is imperative you deep condition at least weekly. Place the desired amount of hair conditioner that you will use in the small container. Dry hair is brittle hair.

If your hair is damages, aim for every week.

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