What is badgerports?

badgerports is a software repository for use with Ubuntu Linux 10.04. Whilst on the whole it is a good idea to use the software provided with your Linux distribution, there are sometimes bugs or major software updates that cannot be included for operational reasons. badgerports is a home for a number of wayward software packages, to enhance the Ubuntu experience.

The primary purpose of badgerports is to provide recent versions of the Mono framework, and associated packages such as F-Spot, Banshee, and Monodevelop. Suggestions for other packages to include are welcome, but don't be offended if I decline for whatever reason.

badgerports 10.04 is now closed, these packages are made available for historical purposes.

Who is behind badgerports?

badgerports is maintained by Jo Shields, one of the main packagers for Mono in Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu Linux. Package compilation is provided by the Launchpad PPA system.

Please prefix all subject lines with "badgerports: " so I can see them in amongst the spam.

How do I use badgerports?

badgerports is an Ubuntu repository. In order to use it, you must add it to your Software Sources.

  1. Click on "System", "Administration", "Software Sources".

  2. Click on the "Other Software" tab.

  3. Click on "Add...", and enter the line:

    deb http://badgerports.org lucid main

    Screenshot from Software Sources

  4. Click on "Add Source"

  5. Click on "Authentication", then on "Import Key File"

  6. Download this GPG key file, ID 0E1FAD0C, and select it in the "Import Key File" window

  7. Click on "Close", then "Reload" when the pop-up appears. You're all set!

From now on, whenever you try to install or update Mono-related packages on your system, you will be given the badgerports version for preference. You don't need to do anything more than update your system as usual to get started!

What is on badgerports?

The following packages are currently hosted on badgerports:

Source Packagebadgerport Version
cli-common 0.8.2~dhx1~lucid1
libgdiplus 2.10-2~dhx1~lucid1
mod-mono 2.10-1~dhx1~lucid1
mono-addins 0.6.2-1ubuntu1~dhx1~lucid1
mono-basic 2.10-1~dhx1~lucid1
mono-tools 2.10-1~dhx1~lucid1
nant 0.91~alpha2+dfsg-3~dhx1~lucid1
xmlextras 20060529-1~dhx1
xsp 2.10-1~dhx1~lucid1

How many people use badgerports?

Monthi386 usersamd64 users
May 201014419
June 201045742007
July 2010130696230
August 2010206689276
September 20102559012149
October 20102667511649
November 2010221699684
December 2010225839470
January 20112384210087
February 2011235619908
March 20112671411086
April 20112563110994
May 2011232799507
June 2011220439471
July 2011219519278
August 2011219149637
September 20112363610592
October 20112493611267
November 20112134110055
December 20112090910307
January 20122158710400
February 20122097410027

How can I support badgerports?

Click here to see the Debian Mono Group's donation registry